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Water heater repair & installation


  • Is your water temperature down?

  • Has your hot water pressure dropped?

  • Are your utility bills through the roof?

  • Has your hot water stopped completely?

  • Is your hot water system leaking?




Blocked drains

  •  We know blocked drains can be a pain –  you  need an expert you can really trust to unblock, repair or replace it.

  • Is your kitchen sink blocked?

  • Is your toilet blocked?

  • Is your stormwater drain blocked?

  • Is your shower drain blocked?




Bathroom renovation

  • Is your bathroom looking tired?

  • Has your kitchen seen better days?

  • Does the shower in your home need new taps or a shower rose?

  • Does the vanity in your bathroom need taps or spout?

  • Does your bath tap ware need a change? Does your home need a revamp?

Filtered water

Did you know the water that comes out of your taps can be contaminated with metals, chemicals, pesticides, parasites, bacteria and all sorts of other organic and inorganic compounds

There is a way to ensure your water is truly fresh, safe, delicious and pure without reverting to the inconvenience and expense of bottled water?

Fridges, whole house, under bench, free standing Billi & Zip installs



Water piping repair & installation

Have a pipe burst? Turn off the water mains
Is there water bubbling up from underground?
Is your water meter spinning when no taps or appliances are turned on?
Do you hear the sound of water running?
Do you have a water leak in your home?




Gas fitting and repair

You deserve the very best, from the Hts plumbing. Why? Because we’re much more than just gas fitters – we service, repair and install any gas appliance with the same sort of friendly, affordable service our clients have become used to for all their plumbing needs.




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